Sunday, November 21, 2010 / 4:32 PM

Customised designs!

Customise earstud / Key Chain available here:)
Email or mms me the design u wan me to do, i'll do it for you!
-Text will cost extra $1.00 (max.8)
-Rhinestones $0.50onwards
-Change of color $1.00
-Change to Sliver backing $0.30

New Invention, KeyChain have arrive do check it below!!!!
Newly Stud Arrival!!!!!

Rila Stud $5.90 only w/o text Customised by 1 customer.(NEW)
Customise by 1 customer-Patrick earring $7.90 only w/0 text(NEW)
PacMan Stud @ $5.90 only(NEW)
Alien Stud @ $7.90 only w/o text(NEW)
(AI) de stud $5.90 only Create by Ppl with Love(NEW)

Vocaloid Earstud, Designed by her fans!!-$8.90 MAILED
AngryBird stud, Iphone gamers here u go!!!-$7.90 MAILED
Lamb stud, Customised by Joan, Woodlands Evangelical Free church.-$5.90 w/o text MAILED
Superman Earstud Customised by Crystal(Hot demand)-$7.90 MAILED
Winny The Poon, waka customer wants fullbody pooh;p-$6.90 W/o Text MAILED
SpongeBob stud Customised by Anna-High Demand* $6.90 MAILED
Stitch and Angel Cutomised by Anna-$6.90w/o Text MAILED
Vanz off the wall Customised by ET-$7.90 MAILED
Sunflower Stud by Dawn -$6.90 MAILED
Micky and Mini stud Customised by Yanxin. Customised $7.90 Mailed
Kuroumi earstud no.1 Customised by leen-$6.90 MAILED
Kuroumi earstud no.2 Customised by leen-$6.90 MAILED
Couple stud Customised by leen- $5.90 w/o text MAILED
Domokun stud HOT!!-$6.90 w/o text MAILED.
New KeyChain Design.
Customise Is available for It tooooo!!!
SNSD keyChain @ $4.90 only(new)

Super Junior KeyChain @ $4.90 only (NEW)
2NE1 KeyChain @ $4.90 (New)