Tuesday, December 21, 2010 / 10:50 PM

판매 귀고리 Earrings for sale.

All earstuds have plastic backings!
Will not fade unless too much H2O contact:D
Handmade earstud with love♥! HAHAHA. Enjoy
Standard Stud are cheaper:)
Snoop stud. $4.90 mailed.
Are u Charlie Brown???
Rainbow stud. $3.90 mailed.
Wear this when its raining:D
To be in clover. $4.90 mailed.
Have u seen a clover? i did. ^^

Wing stud. $4.90 mailed.Fly high

Transparent yhoshi stud. $4.90 mailed.
Its not an ordinary dino. Used this in school and never get caught!
Bearing. $4.90 mailed.
Another transparent ear stud;p
Bob. $4.90 MAILED.

Peace or no? $4.90 mailed.
Plain and simple.
FaceDook. $5.90 mailed.
Connect the world!
My Melady. $4.90 mailed.
A friend of Hello Kitty.
Kitty Lover. $5.90 mailed.
Please support HELLO MIMI.
ALMO stud. $4.90 mailed. HOT*
Lala-LAla~ Elmo's song~
Cookie mob. $5.90 mailed. HOT*
Me give up the last cookie for you.
Mini stud. $7.90 mailed
wheres micky???
Bodyless piglat. $5.90 mailed
Where is my body!?
Scrumsppp. $6.90 mailed.
anyone wanna play ?^^

Pudding ily. $4.90 mailed
Bread or hotdog? $4.90 mailed
Ginger cookie man. $4.90 mailed.
Gingy and Bisky
Cake delight. $4.90 mailed.
lets high tea ;p
Fast foooooood. $5.90 mailed.
Macdony and Muse burger.
Watermelon. $5.90 mailed.
a cool refreshment~
SushiTeeh. $4.90 mailed.
i loook so kawaii=/
BerrySweet. $4.90 mailed
we are so red and sweet!

Thank you for shopping with waka waka!
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